Digital Pottery Documentary

New Savvy Productions is in the planning stages of a documentary about the community of Pottery 2 app users. If you are a Pottery 2 user and would like to participate in the documentary, contact us by email, or join our Pottery 2 Facebook group and message us.

These digital creations are by members of the Pottery 2 Social Club.

The Pottery 2 user community will be the main topic of the film. We will feature a number of creators and their work to explore a variety of perspectives and experiences. We’ll do our international globetrotting digitally and conduct interviews via video calling.

This international community is comprised of hobbyists as well as professional artists, from young children to seniors. It includes some real-world potters, but is largely populated by users who have no experience with pottery outside of the app. Some of the most wildly popular Pottery 2 creators have told us that they do not consider themselves artists, yet their creations are masterful. A key to popularity and success in the community is the ability to create stunning works in spite of limitations inherent to the app. The most popular creators are skillful at exploiting the app’s strengths while working around its shortcomings.

The video below is from the app developers (iDreams) and will show you the app if you are unfamiliar. However, this video does not demonstrate what is truly possible with the app.

If you are a Pottery 2 enthusiast willing to be interviewed, we hope to hear from you.

James & Brenda
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